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Customs clearing of Vehicles, containers and machinery to Botswana, Congo, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe.


Get your free vehicle transportation quote online or call a vehicle transport agent now on +264 81 611 3054 to get your quote today.

Years Of Experience

Our agents have many years of experience in all kinds of auto-vehicle deliveries to guarantee the best service and prices.


We arrange for every detail regarding the transportation of your car. From the collection of your car to the delivery.


We proudly deliver customised solutions for our customers, so you can relax while we take care of your vehicles delivery.

Transporting your vehicle has never been this convenient. We have cost effective depot to depot options, but we can also collect your vehicle at your door, and deliver it to your pre-selected destination. Because we know how much your vehicle means to you, we ensure that our drivers receive the very best training possible ensuring it’ll arrive at its destination safely.

Above all, we pride ourselves on a 99% on-time collection & delivery service with a majority overnight turnaround time which we have consistently achieved over the last four years.

Why Choose us

Dedicated Transportation Consultants

When you choose Nisi Investments, our consultants will plan for your peace-of-mind by discussing every aspect  with you before the move starts. They will tell you exactly what to do and what to expect, including the range of services offered and what you will pay. There are no hidden costs.

Conducive Working Environment

We strive to create a working environment where our employees feel valued and respected. This is because we believe that a positive company culture forms the foundation of superior customer service.

Customer Satisfaction

The Nisi Investments quality system is focused on customer satisfaction while respecting environmental regulations.

Simply tell us what you need, where you need it, and we will handle the rest
anywhere in the world. Freight, clearance, taxes all done for you.

What we do

Whether you are a start-up, expanding, repairing or importing for resale we’re your one-stop solution to a smooth, knowledgeable door to door import.

If you are outside of Namibia and need on-the-ground consolidation and export we assist with purchase and consolidation and export – under one roof.

By working with you we effectively manage regulatory requirements and expedite your shipments speedily and accurately.

Need Help with Easier Transportation and Customs Clearing Solutions? We Are Experts!